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dressing grinding wheel
dressing grinding wheel

White Corundum Dressing Wheel

Cup wheel for dressing vitrified bond diamond wheel ( Coborn RG9 PCD grinding machine)

Customized PCD & CBN & CVD cutting, grinding, sharpening, brazing, regrind and retipped solution and service

* Our company developed superabrasive diamond wheel to dress vitrified diamond pcd grinding wheel.


dressing Coborn RG9 PCD tool grinding wheel

White corundum grinding cup wheels are used for dressing Coborn RG9 PCD Tool Grinding Wheels. Grinding wheels for dressing vitrified diamond PCD grinding wheels.

The cup type white corundum grinding wheel, grinding stone is used for surface grinding, internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, tool grinding, etc
dressing grinding wheel dressing pcd grinding wheel

Meanwhile, Our company developed superabrasive diamond wheel to dressing vitrified diamond pcd grinding wheel.

Advatages Compared with conventional grinding wheel, the diamond dressing wheel has good shape preserving property. 
dressing pcd grinding wheel dressing pcd grinding wheel

More Superhard PCD grinding wheels are used for grinding PCD cutting tools, pcbn cutting tools, cvd tools, milling cutter, drill and carbide tool, etc. The grain size of grinding wheel can reach #4000.
vitrified diamond pcd grinding wheel dressing pcd grinding wheel

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