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diamond sanding belts
diamond sanding belts
 diamond sanding belts
diamond sanding belts
diamond sanding belts
 diamond sanding belts

Diamond & CBN Sanding Belts

► Bond:  Metal nickel plating electroplated bond & Resin bond (resin bond also consists of flexible and hard type)

► Length: 150mm - 5000mm

► Width: 5mm - 350mm

► Grit: #60,#100,#120,#200,#400,#800,#1500,#2000,#3000,#5000


Diamond CBN Sanding Abrasive Belts

Applications of diamond and cbn sanding belts
Diamond & CBN sanding abrasive belt can be widely used for grinding steel, stone, glass, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, zirconia, alumina, metal-nonmetallic synthetic materials, cemented carbide, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum beryllium alloy, titanium alloy and etc. hard brittle materials.

diamond sanding belts

Classification of Diamond Sanding Belt
Bond: Diamond sanding abrasive belt is divided into metal nickel plating electroplated bond and resin bond, a resin bond also consists of flexible and hard type.

Pattern: There are many grinding advantages such as sharpness, durable, flexible, dry or wet grinding for diamond sanding abrasive belt with various patterns. Please choose different design patterns according to needs.

Backing Base: The main characteristics of the backing are thickness, softness, temperature resistance, and easy quickly removal. Select the backing base according to the material which will be ground.

► Electroplated Bond Diamond Abrasive Belt

diamond sanding belts electroplated diamond sanding belts

► Resin Bond Diamond Abrasive Belt

resin bond diamond sanding belts resin bond diamond sanding belts

Customer Case

Moresuperhard's customer previously used Kegis abrasive belts, which were of good quality, but the customer thought they were slightly overpriced. In order to reduce the processing cost, he tried other domestic brands of diamond belts in China, after testing and using but they could not meet his requirements.

Later, the customer found our website, and after some professional communication between us, the customer expressed his willingness to try to test our resin CBN abrasive belts. After several tests and uses, the customer provided good feedback on the use. He thought Moresuperhard's abrasive belts were very soft and especially suitable for polishing their steel knives, and expressed that he would continue to have a relationship with Moresuperhard.

Here is the customer's feedback after testing and using our resin diamond sanding belt size 50x1500mm 4000# and 50x1500mm 800#:

He firstly made a purchase of our diamond sanding belt  #4000, but he found that it was a little stiff. Because we have the ability to provide customized services for customers and our engineer made some improvements for his workpieces, so the second time he purchased the belt, he found the test and use result was amazaing!

Parameters of Diamond Abrasive Belts

Length Width Girt
 (mm) (inch) (mm) (inch) #60,#100,#120, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #2000, #3000, #5000
150 - 5000 6” - 200” 5 - 350 1/5 “ - 14”  

Case 1 diamond belts for grinding carbide roll (HVOF spraying coating)

diamond sanding belts polishing carbide roll
Workpiece diameter 400mm*12 HVOF spraying
Grinding machine model 65656
Belt speed 22 m/s (2800rpm)
Belt contact workpiece mode soft contact or hard contact
Workpiece rotation speed 30 RPM
Coolant water or others
Spray coating thickness 250μm
Original roughness of spray coating Ra 0.4mm-0.6mm
Machining allowance of spray coating 100μm
Coating thickness after processing 150μm
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