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CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel
CBN internal grinding wheel

CBN Internal Grinding Wheel

► Application: inner grinding of bearing, compressor, CVJ ball-cage, hydraulic tappets, universal joint, stator and rotor .

► Body type: ID Wheel with Shank, ID Wheel without Shank

► Model type: 1A8, 1A1W, 1A1, DWA

► We can offer: abrasive internal grinding wheel (PA, SG), CBN internal grinding wheel, Diamond internal grinding wheel


Applications of internal grinding wheel

Grinding of Con-rods ends in the Auto Industry .
Grinding of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders .
CVJ ball-cage, inner and outer raceway .
Hydraulic tappet of automobile motor .
Grinding of Bores of Inner Rings .
Grinding of Gears Bores, Collects.
Pump stator of automobile,Grinding of Gun Barrels .
Roller, cylinder, flange cover of air-condition compressor.
Grinding of Inner and outer faces of Ball & Roller Bearings.
Body type : ID wheel with shank, ID wheel without shank

► CVJ Ball Cage Grinding Of Vit CBN Grinding Whee
cbn internal grinding wheel CVJ ball internal grinding

► Bear inner rings, or bore internal grinding
internal grinding wheels

► Stamping die, cbn internal grinding wheel with shank
cbn internal grinding wheel stamping die internal grinding

► BD3 alloy tool steel. cbn internal grinding wheel with shank
cbn internal grinding wheel /tool steel internal grinding

► Hydraulic Industry. 1A1W Vit CBN Internal Grinding Wheel
cbn internal grinding wheel hydraulic valve internal grinding

► Steel grinding. Vit cbn grinding wheel without shank
internal grinding cbn wheel steel internal grinding

Specifications of Internal Grinding Wheel

Details Size                
1A8 D * T * H (mm)
D 4mm - 45mm
H 1.5mm - 30mm
T 5mm - 50mm
1A1W D * T * H * L * M (mm)
D 7.5mm - 50mm
H 4mm - 45mm
T 15mm - 50mm
1A1 D * T * H * X (mm)
D 18mm - 50mm
H 10mm - 40mm
T 15mm - 50mm

Case 1 CVJ Ball Cage Internal Grinding
Workpiece CVJ Ball Cage
Workpiece material 20CrMnTi   HRC 58 -63
Grinding parts ball cage window
Grinding mode Internal grinding
Grinding wheel 1a1w vitrified cbn wheel
Grinding parameter Speed Vc= 30m/s
grinding tolerance 0.3mm
Dressing Rotary diamond dresser
Dressing parameter Grinding wheel Speed Vc= 30m/s
Roll dresser speed Vr=8m/s
2 * 3 μm
Dressing speed ratio Qd=+ 0.26
Grinding performance Dressing frequency
200 ball cage/dressing
(125% life improvement)
Ra < 0.8 μm

The Case of Vit internal grinding wheel for Oil pump nozzle

1. Needle body grinding

needle body grinding
Workpiece Nozzle  body
Material 18CrNi8(Low carbon alloy steel)
Hardness HRC56-60
Grinding allowance Hole:0.02mm
roughness Hole: Ra≤0.1㎛
Accuracy Hole: roundness ≤0.3㎛, straightness ≤0.5 ㎛, parallelism ≤0.5 ㎛

2. Grinding Parameter

Grinding Parameter
Vitrified bond internal grinding wheel for Oil pump nozzle
Specification 4Dx6TxM2/4.1Dx10.5TxM2/3.8Dx6TxM2
Bond Vitrified
Grit 400/500

3. Grinding Effect
Item Parameter
Speed-grinding wheel 90000RPM
Dressing interval 16 piece
Dressing allowance 0.001mm(unilateral)
Taper ≤±0.5㎛
Roundness ≤0.4㎛
Straightness ≤0.5,Roughness Ra ≤0.1
Life 2500 piece
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