Moresuperhard Customer Case(2)-Resin Diamond Lapping Discs for Gemstone Grinding

Recently, we have received favorable comments from a customer in Turkey who purchased a resin diamond grinding disc for processing gems. 

We all know that there are many kinds of precious stones, ruby, amber, sapphire, turquoise, emerald, and so on. Their hardness is not quite the same. So sometimes a part can not be processed by the same grinding disc, and it is necessary to choose a different grinding disc. But the resin diamond lapping disc can solve this problem well because diamond is the hardest thing known in the world. It can work with most gemstones. This was also mentioned in customer feedback. He says “The resin bond lap almost polished my stone. You do have a great product!”

He also mentioned he would buy more different grit of the lap in the future. About grit size, resin diamond lapping disc can choose from a wide range of grit sizes from 80#~15000#, and it can be processed from rough grinding to fine grinding to polishing process. It covers the whole process. Compared to the electroplated diamond grinding disc, the advantages of resin diamond grinding disc are high smoothness and long life. The electroplated diamond grinding disc can choose particle size from 45#~3000#, more suitable for use in the rough grinding stage. So whether you are coarse grinding fine grinding or polishing can use resin diamond lapping discs. 


If you also work on gemstones, you can choose our resin diamond lapping discs.

Moresuperhard is very grateful to our customers for sharing the results of using our products with us in the first time, and, with your strong support, we will continue to improve the quality of our products and insist on providing excellent services to our customers.
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