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Jul 15, 2021
The Vacuum Welding Process of Super-hard Tools
Super-hard cutting tools mainly refer to cutting tools made of diamond or cubic boron nitride. At present, more materials are used: single crystal diamond, PCD polycrystalline diamond, integral CBN, PCBN composite sheet.

Vacuum welding of super-hard tools refers to the completion of the brazing action between the super-hard tool base and the cutter head by heating in a vacuum state. Like flame brazing and high-frequency induction brazing, the ultimate goal of vacuum welding is to make the molten solder flow evenly to all parts of the weld under the action of the capillary pipette to achieve the best welding effect. Therefore, for the super-hard tool products suitable for vacuum welding, selecting suitable solder, proper pre-welding treatment, and correct welding process can make full use of the advantages of vacuum welding and ensure the performance of super-hard tool products.
Jul 14, 2021
Diamond dresser attach with diamond pallets
The diamond pellets or diamond pallets rings are bonded to the matrix material, and the particle size of the pellets ranges from W7 to W40. Mainly used for polishing machine plate polishing sheets(PU sheets) and grinding machine grindstone correction. The matrix materials are usually ductile iron, stainless steel and aluminum parts, etc., .The form of inner hole has round and plum blossom shape. It is mainly used for precision polishing machine of semiconductor optical chip, and can be used for correction of disk surface of 4B-30B various double side machines.
Jul 13, 2021
PCD Micro Drills

PCD Micro Drills are suitable for monocrystalline silicon and quartz Ceramics, etc. are fragile and difficult to process Material drilling.
Jul 12, 2021
How to choose to suitable cutting tools to your workpiece?
In order to process the workpiece reasonably and choose the milling cutter, it is necessary to analyze the shape, size, material hardness and other conditions of the workpiece.
Jul 10, 2021
PCD Diamond Dead Center Point For High Precision Machining
The diamond dead centre is made of polycrystalline diamond materials, diamond is the hardest material on this planet and has very high thermal conductivity with very low friction. These three properties make diamond centres achieve outstanding performance when used to machine components, particularly when high production volumes and the very best quality are demanded. PCD (Poly-crystalline Diamond), is a solid, thick material with numerous grains of diamond connected in a metal matrix that is seamlessly joined on to the cemented carbide. The join is extremely robust and durable, preventing avoid downtime when machining workpieces and ensuring the highest quality.
Jul 09, 2021
High-efficiency machining plan for aerospace titanium alloy structural parts
Aviation structural parts have a wide variety and complex structure; in addition, because aviation structural parts are mostly thin-walled parts, the material removal rate is large, and the processing cycle is long, so the rapid delivery of aviation structural parts can bring greater economic benefits to aviation enterprises.
In order to reduce the weight and cost of the airframe, the aerospace industry usually uses composite materials and titanium alloys to manufacture the main parts of the airframe. Among them, titanium alloy is a difficult-to-process material with complex processing characteristics, which brings a series of challenges to manufacturers.
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