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Oct 26, 2021
Grinding and solutions for thermal spraying industry
MoreSuperHard provides a full range of thermal spray coating solution and service which includes OD grinding, inside grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and polishing, etc. We have been present on the Thermal Spraying Coating industry for over 10 years . Our resin diamond wheels for HVOF carbide coating has enjoyed wide popularity in Canada, Turkey, Dubai, etc. Our products cover cylindrical resin diamond wheels , diamond internal grinding wheels and flexible diamond sand belts.
diamond grindingwheel forPDC cutter
Oct 25, 2021
Diamond grinding wheel for PDC cutter
PDC-(polycrystalline Diamond Compact) is a kind of composite superhard material sintered under ultra-high pressure and high temperature by using Diamond powder a
Oct 22, 2021
CBN grinding wheel for bearing steel
Diamond grinding wheel is a better choice for grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics, gem and stone materials with high hardness and high brittleness. However, diamond is not suitable for grinding steel because it is easy to carbonize at 700℃~800℃. The hardness of CBN is slightly inferior to diamond, but it has good thermal stability (can withstand 1300℃~1400℃ high temperature), CBN is not like diamond in high temperature, that is, oxidation and grapitization, and iron group elements chemical inertia, high thermal conductivity, with its production of grinding wheels long life (up to corundum grinding wheel dozens of times to more than 100 times), It is a better choice to replace hardened steel, high speed tool steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and titanium alloy and other metal materials with high hardness and toughness.

ceramic parts grinding
Oct 21, 2021
Diamond grinding wheel for ceramic grinding
Silicon nitride ceramics have the characteristics of high strength and high temperature resistance. Among the ceramic materials, its comprehensive mechanical pr
Grinding wheels for concrete and stone industry
Oct 19, 2021
Grinding wheels for concrete and stone industry
Through laser welding technology or cold forming technology, the sintering section is fixed on the matrix, with high strength and strong anti-interference ability. The matrix has different holes, which is convenient to clean the residual rough material and increase the cooling effect of diamond grinding wheel.
Application of diamond grinding wheel for concrete and stone industry:
Used for grinding and polishing granite, marble, cement concrete, water flat, floor tile, tile, and other stone industry. Perfect for fast grinding and rough deburring.
CBN diamond grinding wheel
Oct 14, 2021
Gear grinding with CBN diamond grinding wheel
Gear processing process:
1. Forging gear blank
2. Normalized:
The purpose of this process is to obtain hardness suitable for the cutting of rear sequence gear and to prepare the structure for the final heat treatment to effectively reduce heat treatment deformation. The gear steel used is usually 20CrMnTi.
3. Turning processing
In order to satisfy the high precision positioning requirement of gear machining, gear blank processing all adopt numerical control lathe, using mechanical clamping not heavy ground vehicles Under the knife, realized in a clamping aperture, end face and outside processing synchronization is complete, not only ensure the inner hole and end face of the vertical degree requirements, and ensures that the size of the discrete small gear billet production in large quantities. Thus the precision of gear blank is improved and the machining quality of rear sequence gear is ensured .
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