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diamond abrasive
May 20, 2022
The importance of selecting diamond abrasive for making diamond grinding wheel
Diamond is the main abrasive of superhard materials, and raw materials are generally crushed, purified, sieved and other processes, which can divide diamond into different grades.
dicing blades
May 19, 2022
Six Factors Affect the Quality of Semiconductor Dicing Blade
Moresuperhard Diamond Dicing Blades are suitable for cutting scribing glass (optical devices, fiber optics), quartz (optical splitters, saw devices), LiTa03 LiNb03 (devices), BGA, QFN (copper epoxy molding ), splitter, sapphire, ceramic substrate, alumina, aliminum nitride, etc.
PCD tool chip breaker groove
May 13, 2022
What should be paid attention to in the processing of PCD tool chip breaker groove?
Chip breaking is a prominent problem in turning plastic metals.If the chips are continuous and wrapped around the turning tool or the work piece in a ribbon shape, it will not only affect the normal turning, but also scratch the machined surface, and even cause an accident.The purpose of grinding the chip breaker on the cutter face is to cause the chip to generate internal stress and force it to deform and break when the chip passes through the chip breaker. 
Internal Stress
May 05, 2022
How to control the deformation of grinding wheel matrix during grinding wheel Finishing
Small peripheral grinding substrate, involving material expansion coefficient, compressive and tensile properties, internal stress deformation generation and natural aging, to conduct a long time experiment on the above issues, and gradually improve the processing process to achieve the perfect product.
internal stress
Apr 25, 2022
What are the effects of internal stress on grinding wheel accuracy?
All metals will deform (when stretched or compressed) to a greater or lesser extent when subjected to a force. This deformation is a visible sign of stress in the metal and is called metal strain. The stresses that are equilibrated inside the object in the absence of external forces are called internal stresses.
 Electroplated Diamond Reamers
Apr 21, 2022
The application of reaming in the production of connecting rods
The main features of the reaming process are its reaming honing head and the actual reaming process. Compared with the traditional honing process, the reaming honing head is pre-set to the final machining size required by the workpiece.
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