Customer Case of BDM-902 PCD Tool Grinding Machine

Recently we received an inquiry from a customer, which said: Is "BDM-902 PCD CBN Tool Grinding" suitable for square tools holder 8 x 8mm. Currently customer is using KJ-7 grinding blade tool for CNC Swiss lathe.

               cutting tool grinding machine

They are looking on precision grinder for new blade tools and resharpen.
Blade tools profile: Front turn, Part off, Back turn, Groove turn, etc.

In the communication with the customer, we know that the customer mainly uses PCD grinding machine to process the cutting tools, basically with standard inserts. The production of 8 * 8 for the tool clamping shank belongs to the common size (as shown below).

                                        PCD grinding machine

According to the customer's processing requirements and processing conditions, Moresuperhard believes that M50 CNC is more suitable for the customer to use, so we recommend this PCD grinding machine.


M50 CNC PCD Grinding machine for grinding PCD PCBN tools

PCD girnding machine

- With high efficiency and good edge quality
- High efficiency PCD machine and match with high-quality vitrified diamond grinding wheels
- 3 axes association can realize the fast automatic grinding of tool straight-line edge and radius edge grinding
- Which can achieve tool radius R0.03mm-R3 mm

Characteristic of M50 PCD grinding machine 

PCD grinding machine

1. The main base parts are made of wear-resistant gray cast iron with optimized design, compact structure and stable performance.

2. After clamping, automatic machining of straight edge and arc edge is completed without manual intervention, with high grinding efficiency and good edge quality.

3. Using AC servo motor, precision ball screw, high strength rolling guide rail, harmonic reducer and other combination of transmission structure, can realize the spindle NC movement/swing, vertical axis NC rotation, tool rest NC feed and other automatic processing functions.

4. Equipped with high-definition image system, tool cleaning nozzle, fully sealed industrial vision backlight, automatic lens protection cover, pneumatic wheel dressing support and other devices.

5. The PCD/PCBN tool automatic machining control system based on image recognition is adopted with independent intellectual property rights.

If you have special requirements and are looking for a cost-effective PCD grinding machine, please feel free to contact Moresuperhard and we will provide you with the most suitable and efficient grinding solution!

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