Summary of Common Symbols of Steel Materials

                                Summary steel materials

American Standard AISI
Model Steel Type
P1-P19 Low Carbon Steel
P20-P39 Low Carbon, High Alloy Steel
2XX,3XX,4XX,6XX Stainless Steel
H1-H19 Chromium base
Wx Water Hardening Steel
Sx Shock Resisting Steel
Ox Oil Hardening Steel
Ax Air Hardening Steel
Mx Molybdenum base (H.S.S)

  German Standard DIN
Model Steel Type
1.2738 Low Carbon, High Alloy Steel
1.2311 Low carbon, high alloy
1.2312 Low carbon, high alloy, free Machine
1.2083 Stainless Steel
1.2316 High performance stainless Steel
1.2343 Chromium base
1.2344 Chromium base
1.2510 Low alloy steel
1.2379 High carbon, high chromium steel

Japanese Standard JIS
Model Steel Type
SxxC Plain Carbon steel
SUSxx Stainless Steel
SCrx Chromium Steel
SCMx Chromium Molybdenum Steel
SKx Carbon Tool Steel
SKSx Low Alloy Steel
SKD11 Medium High Alloy Steel
SKD6 Medium High Alloy Steel
SKD61 Medium High Alloy Steel
SKHxx High Speed Steel
SUMx Free Cutting Steel
SUJx Bearing Steel


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