The Difference between Turning, Milling, Grinding, Drilling Machine

I. Lathe Machine

                         lathe machine

Lathe is a kind of machine tool used for processing various workpieces such as shafts, disks, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces and threads. Lathe is mainly composed of bed, spindle, feeding mechanism, base, tool holder, tailstock and accessories. According to the different arrangement of the spindle, lathe can be divided into different types such as flat lathe, vertical lathe, horizontal lathe and vertical and horizontal combined lathe. The main feature of lathe is that it can carry out precision machining of rotating body, which is suitable for mass production.

2. Milling Machine

                  Milling Machine

Milling machine is an important metal cutting machine tool, can be in the workpiece plane, surface and more complex shape processing. Milling machine is mainly composed of the body, bed, feed mechanism and accessories. Milling machine can be divided into different types such as vertical milling machine, horizontal milling machine, gantry milling machine and so on according to the different ways of workpiece and tool arrangement. Milling machine is commonly used in the parts of the machining process, can process a variety of specifications, the shape of the more complex parts.

3. Facing Grinding Machine

                   Facing Grinding Machine

Planer is a kind of machine tool for planing plane and contour. Planer table can be moved up and down or back and forth, through the tool holder on the cutter for cutting the workpiece. Planer mainly consists of bed, support, table, tool holder and feeding mechanism. Planer is suitable for processing large, heavy, thick metal parts, materials, castings, etc. The processing efficiency is relatively slow, but the precision is high.

4. Grinding Machine

Grinding machine is a kind of precision grinding machine tool, can carry out high-precision parts grinding. Grinding machine is a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine tool, grinding before the need for workpiece processing pretreatment, the outer surface of the workpiece will be processed into a certain precision range of roughness before grinding. Grinding machine mainly consists of bed, spindle, feeding mechanism and grinding accessories. Grinding machine is suitable for high-precision grinding of various precision parts, such as cycloid wheels, threaded wheels, gears, crankshafts and so on.

5. Drilling Machine

                    Drilling grinding machine

Drilling machine is a kind of machine tool used for drilling holes, which can carry out linear drilling and inclined drilling. Drilling machine is mainly composed of body, frame, feeding mechanism, spindle, table, fixture and accessories. Drilling machines can be categorized into horizontal drilling machines, vertical drilling machines and large bed type drilling machines according to the processing of different kinds of parts. Drilling machines are suitable for drilling and thread tapping of all kinds of parts, including drilling, boring, tapping and tapping of CNC machine tools.

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