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RESIN cbn grinding wheel
RESIN cbn grinding wheel
RESIN cbn grinding wheel
RESIN cbn grinding wheel
RESIN cbn grinding wheel
RESIN cbn grinding wheel

Resin CBN Grinding Wheels for Hardened Steel Processing

►Excellent Grinding Action
►less apt to experience loading, and they dress easily for added convenience
►Convenience and Ease of Use
►Grinding abilities apply to both wet and dry tasks on processing objects such as harden steel, glass, ceramic, carbide alloys, ferrite, refractories, semi conductors, and other electrical carbon products. 


Details about Resin CBN Grinding Wheels

What is a resin CBN grinding wheel?
A resin CBN wheel is a grinding tool with a certain degree of rigidity (strength and hardness) by cementing a CBN grain together with an organic polymer compound as a binding agent. Resin CBN grinding wheels can process various metal and non-metal materials, especially in the field of fine grinding and polishing processing with superior processing characteristics.

Resin bonded CBN grinding wheels are widely used in rough processing, fine and polish grinding processes, and the resin bonded CBN grinding wheels have the following characteristics.
(1) High bonding strength. Compared with ceramic bond, resin bonded CBN grinding wheels have high bond strength, and the grinding line speed of resin grinding wheels reaches 80~120m/s, and can withstand large grinding pressure.
(2) It has a certain degree of elasticity. Compared with ceramic bonded CBN grinding wheels, resin bonded grinding wheels have good toughness, a certain degree of plasticity and ductility, and are suitable for preparing various specifications of flake grinding wheels and high-speed cutting grinding wheels. Due to a certain elastic deformation, it can buffer the effect of grinding force and thus has good grinding effect, polishing effect and can improve the roughness of the processed surface.
(3) It can be made into abrasives with various complex shapes and special requirements. Due to the low hardening temperature of resin bonded CBN grinding wheels, they can be hardened at room temperature and have a small shrinkage rate, so they can be made into grinding wheels of various complex shapes and special requirements.
(4) It helps to prevent burns on the workpiece being ground. The heat generated by the workpiece in the grinding process causes the resin to carbonize, prompting the blunted abrasive to fall off automatically, revealing new sharp abrasive grains, reducing the heat in the grinding area and avoiding workpiece burns.
(5) Low hardening temperature. Resin CBN grinding wheels have low hardening temperature, short production cycle, simple equipment, and are conducive to specialized production.

What are the applications of resin CBN grinding wheels?
Resin CBN grinding wheels are suitable for grinding workpieces such as hardened steel, high-speed steel, cast iron, stainless steel and nitrided stainless steel. At the same time, in order to improve production efficiency, people began to use CBN grinding wheels on low-speed grinding machines to increasingly replace ordinary grinding tools. At present, resin CBN grinding wheels are widely used for precision grinding of workpieces containing iron group elements in industries or fields such as automotive, bearings, compressors and precision molds, and have become an irreplaceable tool in manufacturing production and grinding processing.

What should we know when using resin CBN grinding wheels?
However, compared with other bonded grinding wheels, the shortcomings of resin bonded CBN wheels are: poor alkali and water resistance, easy aging; lower heat resistance, greater wear when grinding and processing, unsuitable for shaped grinding; low porosity, processing with odor, easy to cause environmental pollution problems. Cubic boron nitride is not suitable for grinding carbide and non-metallic hard materials. Under high grinding temperature, CBN will chemically react with alkaline aqueous solution. CBN grinding wheels will decompose in alkaline solution at 300℃ and can decompose in boiling water in trace amount, as a result, the abrasive grain crystal shape will be destroyed, so when grinding, only oil-based coolant can be used instead of water-based coolant.

Specifications of Resin CBN Grinding Wheels and Customer Case

Specifications of Resin CBN Grinding Wheels for Harden Steel Processing
D(mm) T(mm) X(mm) H(mm) Grits Model
50 0.8-20 3-20 16-25.4 D151


Other specification can be made according to customer requirement.

75 0.8-20 3-20 22.23-25.4
100 3-12 10-20 22.23-25.4
125 3-15 10-20 22.23-25.4
150 3-20 10-25 22.23-25.4
175 6-20 10-25 22.23-25.4
200 23-20 10-25 22.23-25.4
250 6-25 10-30 22.23-25.4
300 6-25 10-30 22.23-25.4
350 10-25 10-30 22.23-25.4
400 6-30 20-35 22.23-25.4
450 6-30 20-25 22.23-25.4
500 10-30 20-35 22.23-25.4
600 20-30 20-35 22.23-52.0

Customer Case
Recently, we had a successful customer case of resin bond diamond grinding wheel for hardened steel. This customer used to use the corundum grinding wheel, but he suffers from its low grinding efficiency and short working life. Then he seekedfor a grinding wheel with good grinding ability and longer working life so that he could finish the work in short time, and save time from not changing wheels frequently. He did not have a high demand for surface roughness, but only needed a sharp wheel.
He found us from our website and told what he wants. Based on his working condition, we recommended him a resin bond CBN grinding wheel with rough grit size. An important reason for choosing resin bond diamond grinding wheel is that he could re-sharp this grinding wheel very easily and one simple corundum stick or wheel was enough for the material processing.
Finally, he was excited with our resin bond CBN grinding wheel. We helped him to get a sharp and long work-life tool. Then, he orders regularly and still explores another possibility of getting business with us in more application. 
Moresuperhard is very grateful to our customers for sharing the results of using our products with us in the first time, and, with your strong support, we will continue to improve the quality of our products and insist on providing excellent services to our customers.
If you have any thoughts and suggestions, please contact us in time, we appreciate your attention!

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