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diamond dicing blades
diamond dicing blades
diamond dicing blades
diamond dicing blades
diamond dicing blades
diamond dicing blades

Electroformed Diamond Dicing Blades - Hubless Type

► Hubless type electroforming nickel bonded dicing blade

► Dicing blades thickness: 0.03mm - 0.3mm

Silicon wafers of thickness 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm

► Inducing as low as possible frontside and backside chipping of silicon wafer

► Applications: dicing silicon wafers, copper wafer and compound semiconductor wafers such as GaAs and SiC.


Hubless Type Electroforming Dicing Bldes

silicon wafer dicing blades

Diamond dicing blade is used for grooving ,cutting silicon, compound semiconductors, glass and other materials in electronic information industry. Diamond dicing blade is one of new products developed .Our dicing blades include diamond hub dicing blade and diamond hubless dicing blade.

Applications of ultra thin electroformed diamond dicing blade

Scribing dicing silicon wafers, copper wafer and compound semiconductor wafers ( such as GaAs and SiC) , resistance, ceramic, packaging materials, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, etc
diamond dicing blades

How to selection of the correct types of dicing blades to cut materials

* Binder of resin bond (soft strength) dicing blade, scribing hard and brittle material

* Binder of metal bond (medium strength) dicing blade

* Binder of electroplated bond (hard bond), scribing softer material

Dresser Board for dressing dicing blades 
Dresser board is used for dressing and edged blade row,  to increase sharpness, and reduce the chipping of the work piece, to reshape and perfect the blade edge to a flat edge
Dresser board Dresser board

Specifications of electroformed dicing blades

OD (mm) Thickness (mm)
ID (mm)  
size tolernace size Standard Tolernace High precision Tolernace Size Tolernace
50 - 100 + 0.02 0.03 - 0.06 + - 0.005   25.4
+ - 0.02
0.06 - 0.2 + - 0.005 + - 0.003
0.2 - 0.4 + - 0.005 + - 0.003



Product Name

hub electrofoemed dicing blades
Electroformed dicing blade

Easy to handle

Variety of different grit concentrations

Stable processing performance





Hub dicing blade

Application:  Silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, Gap),oxide wafers (LiTaO3)

resin bond dicing blades
Resin bond dicing blade

High processing quality for cutting of hard, brittle materials


Improved cut quality on hard materials 









Hubless dicing 


Application:Glass, Crystal, Quart, LiTaO3, Ceramics, Optical, QFN, splitter 

metal bond dicing blades
Metal bond dicing balde

High rigidity minimized wavy&slant cutting

Excellent rigidity and cut quality 

Application:  Electronic parts, Optical devices, semiconductor packages, BGA, CSP, 

electroformed dicing blades hubless
Electroformed dicing balde

Wide selection of blade options

Proprietary thin-blade technology

Blade thickness - 0.015 mm to 0.3 mm

Available for both dicing saws and slicers

Application:  Various types of semiconductor packages, ceramics, magnetic materials, PCB, silicon 

Other specification can be produced according to customers' requirements

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