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Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine
Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine
Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine
Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine
Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine
Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine

Economic Double Disc Grinding Machine

►Economic double disc grinder with low price and high quality
►Frequency control, high-power deceleration system configuration
►NC tracking system
►One year warranty

-Randomly delivered with a set of dresser grinding wheel


Economic Double Disc Grinding Machine with High Precision

More Super Hard  economic double disc grinding machine works, the upper and lower grinding disc, sun gear, tour star wheel in the processing of the formation of four directions, the speed of the coordination of the grinding movement to achieve the upper and lower surface while grinding efficient movement.

Features of Moresuperhard Economic Double Disc Grinding Machine 

       double disc grinding machine 

1.The machine uses the NC tracking system, using electro-pneumatic proportional valve closed-loop feedback pressure control. independent control of pressure devices. On the plate set slow down function. effective to prevent the fragile pieces of broken pieces.
2.Through a time relay and a grinding counter. according to the processing requirements can be accurately set and control the grinding time and grinding laps. Work can be adjusted and when the pressure mode. to set the grinding accuracy will automatically shut down, reducing the error and improve the machining accuracy.
3. The host with frequency control, high-power deceleration system configuration, to achieve a soft start,soft stop,speed and stability of the small impact. Greatly extend the mechanical life.
4. Through the upper and lower grinding discs, sun gear. tour star wheel in the processing of the formation of four directions. the speed of coordination or the grinding movement to achieve the upper and lower surface grinding while efficient production.5. Random with a correction wheel. used to correct the upper and lower grinding disc parallel error. Easy to use.
6. The use of double-sided wire-speed grinding, the workpiece can achieve high-precision. high parallelism of the processing requirements.

Applications of Moresuperhard Economic Disc Grinding Machine 

1.For grinding all kinds of hydraulic pneumatic components, steering pumps, vane pumps, hydraulic motor parts, automotive fuel pump parts, air conditioning/flushing compressor parts, oil pump nozzle parts,Engine parts, watch parts, high-precision bearings, seals, sealing rings, piston rings, carbide blades, ceramic spool, magnetic materials and other products' surface grinding, grinding processing, etc.

                           application for Double disc grinding machine
2.Can also used for double-sided grinding and polishing of ultra-high precision parts, optical crystal materials, silicon wafers, gallium arsenide sheets, blades, metal parts, quartz and other hard and brittle materials with high flatness and high parallelism

More Super Hard Comprehensive Double Disc Grinding Solutions

Double side vitrified diamond/CBN grinding disc

Usually this kind of double-sided grinding machine match with cast irons discs, but now we can install our double discs grinding wheels as follows according to your final appliaction.

                                       Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine

Along with the double disc grinding machine, we will also send you a set of  dressing wheels for free!

                                       Economic Double-sided Grinding Machine


Specifications of Moresuperhard Economic Disc Grinding Machine 

Model MSH-400ET MSH-610ET MSH-900ET
Grinding disc(OD*ID) OD380mm*ID140mmt OD610mm*ID200mm*t OD900mm*ID240mm
The  largest diameter  of
the workpiece
OD100mm OD180mm OD300mm
Workpiece Flatness(25mm) ±0.001 ±0.001 ±0.003
Workpiece Parallelism(25mm) ±0.002 ±0.002 ±0.004
Workpiece roughness <0.4nm <0.4nm <0.4nm
Tour star wheel OD140mm*3 OD205-235mm*4 OD340mm*4
Lower disc  rotational speed 0-180rpm 0-140rpm 0-140rpm
Motor power 2.2Kw 3-phase 380V 4.0Kw 3-phase 380V 6Kw 3-phase380V
Machine size 600*500*900mm 1150*950*2300mm 1350*1060*2450mm
Machine weight 800kg 1500kg 2000kg

Customer Case of Moresuperhard Economic Double Side Grinding Machine 
Customer of Double Disc Grinding Machine Customer Country  India
Requirement Resin double face grinding disk
Workpiece Details Workpiece material cast iron
Hardness of workpiece 70-80 HRD
Machining allowance 0.1mm on one side
Processing requirements fine grinding
Compatible products:
Moresuperhard Double End Grinding Disks
Grinding disk size CBN 2A2 01050-46T SQUARE CB170PR1 (Outer diameter: 1050mm Thickness: 46mm Ring width: 290mm Grit: 170#)
Maximum distance between upper and lower discs 100mm
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