Resin CBN Grinding Disc for Bearing Steel Processing
Jun 19, 2023
Customer Case: Resin CBN Grinding Disc for Bearing Steel Processing
Recently, we met a customer who was processing bearing steel. He had been using vitrified CBN grinding discs (as shown in the picture below) to grind the workpiece before. But because the workpiece was too small, the vitrified CBN grinding discs he originally purchased had gaps, which would wear into the workpiece to some extent and cause damage to the workpiece. In order to solve this problem, he consulted Moresuperhard our grinding engineers. After thoroughly understanding the customer's processing situation and needs, we recommended a resin CBN grinding disc (255-35-50.8-5 180#) for the customer. After the communication, the customer decided to purchase several resin CBN grinding discs for trial.
. Vitrified CBN Wheels for  Air-conditioner Compressor Cylinder
Jun 19, 2023
Moresuperhard Vitrified CBN Wheels for Compressor Cylinder
We recently had a customer who used our Vitrified CBN Wheels for Air-conditioner Compressor Cylinder in their manufacturing process.
Metal Diamond Grinding Discs
Jun 15, 2023
Metal Diamond Grinding Discs to Grind the Edge of Glass Bottles
Metal diamond grinding wheels are commonly used for grinding glass bottles in industrial applications. They consist of a metal bond matrix with diamond particles embedded within the matrix. The metal bond provides excellent durability and resistance to wear from the abrasive glass surface while the diamond particles allow for a precise and efficient grinding process.
doctoral seminar
Jun 13, 2023
Moresuperhard Participation in A Doctoral Seminar on Utrasonic Vibration-assisted Grinding
Moresuperhard engineers attended a doctoral seminar on ultrasonic vibration-assisted grinding last Thursday, which focused on experiments related to ultrasonic-assisted grinding.
dressing wheels
Jun 13, 2023
Can a diamond grinding wheel be dressed?
Dressing a grinding wheel means reshaping its surface to restore its cutting performance or to change its surface characteristics.
Moresuperhard exhibition
Jun 09, 2023
Review of PM China & CCEC & IACE China 2023 Shanghai
PM China & CCEC & IACE China 2023 Shanghai was grandly opened in Shanghai World Expo Hall from May 31 to June 2, 2023. Moresuperhard brought vitrified grinding discs, vitrified diamond grinding wheels, resin diamond grinding wheels, cutting discs, internal cylindrical grinding and other high precision diamond tools to this exhibition. 
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