Back Grinding Wheel for Surface Grinding
Aug 23, 2023
Back Grinding Wheel for Surface Grinding Customer Case Analysis
In the semiconductor industry, the grinding accuracy of Japanese equipment is pretty good at present, and there are grinding processes combining free and consolidation, as well as pure consolidation processes. Manufacturers who can usually afford Japanese equipment generally use pure consolidation preparation processes. The top three Japanese semiconductor precision processing equipment are: Disico, Tokyo Precision, and SHUWA. SHUWA is widely used in the field of sapphire with high precision.
Summary steel materials
Aug 21, 2023
Summary of Common Symbols of Steel Materials
American Standard AISI German Standard DIN Japanese Standard JIS
Achieving Desired Surface Roughness with Connecting Rod Kit
Aug 16, 2023
Customer Case of Achieving Desired Surface Roughness with Connecting Rod Kit
At More Super Hard, we recently worked with a customer who required high-quality surface finishing for their Connecting Rod Kit, manufactured using tool steel. The customer's specific requirements were to achieve a roughness measurement of Ra0.2 or better, ensuring a smooth surface with no visible scratches.
How to dress double disc grinding wheel disc
Aug 08, 2023
Why and How To Dress Double Disc Grinding (DDG) Wheel?
Grinding wheel dressing refers to the operation process of dressing the grinding wheel into shape or removing the blunt surface with dressing tools, so as to restore the grinding performance and correct geometry of the working surface.
Vitrified Double End Grinding Discs
Aug 08, 2023
Griniding Solutions of Vitrified Double End Grinding Disc In Various Industries
Whether the workpiece is made of soft or hard materials, from aluminum to zinc, from soft plastics to hard ceramics: whatever the characteristics of the workpiece, More Super Hard offers the optimal grinding solution to achieve high-precision plane parallelism.
Electroplated CBN Grinding Wheel Body Design Improvement
Aug 01, 2023
Electroplated CBN Grinding Wheel Body Design Improvement
Through the knowledge and experience of our senior engineers, our customer achieved a significant reduction in weight without compromising machining effectiveness. By implementing this design improvement, the customer experienced enhanced accuracy, improved operational efficiency, and increased overall productivity. Trust in our engineering solutions to optimize your grinding processes and unlock new levels of efficiency and precision.

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