Centerless Diamond Grinding
Sep 12, 2023
Brief Introduction of Centerless Grinding Machine Guide Wheels
Centerless Grinding Machine Guide Wheel is a common mechanical part, which usually consists of grinding tool, guide wheel and guide wheel seat. Among them, the guide wheel is a round wheel with a flange, which guides the abrasive tool to cut on the surface of the workpiece by contacting with the workpiece.
Diamond & CBN Honing Stones for High Boron Glass Tube Inner Wall Polishing
Sep 10, 2023
Diamond & CBN Honing Stones for High Boron Glass Tube Inner Wall Polishing
The customer is a manufacturer of high boron glass tubes used in scientific and industrial applications. They have their own honing machine and require a diamond honing stone to achieve a surface finish of R0.1 on the inner walls of the glass tubes. The high boron content makes the glass tube extremely hard and difficult to polish using conventional methods.
 Moresuperhard at CIOE 2023
Sep 06, 2023
Moresuperhard Participation in The 24th China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE2023)
China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) is the world's largest and most influential comprehensive exhibition of the optoelectronic industry, covering information and communications, lasers, infrared, ultraviolet, precision optics, chip materials, camera technology and applications, intelligent sensing, new display and other sections for the field of optoelectronics and applications to show the cutting-edge optoelectronic innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions, 2023 Mill Au Optoelectronics Group will once again go to the deep! In 2023, Mouma Optoelectronics Group will go to Shenzhen again to provide "cutting, grinding and polishing" solutions for your high-precision single-crystal cutting tools and the processing of photovoltaic semiconductor materials.
Resin Diamond and CBN Mixed Abrasives Grinding Wheels for Copper Grinding
Sep 04, 2023
Resin Diamond and CBN Mixed Abrasives Grinding Wheels for Copper Grinding
When grinding copper, it is typically recommended to use grinding wheels with relatively large porosity. Apart from the mentioned super-hard grinding wheels ( diamond and CBN mix abrasive grinding wheels) , other options suitable for copper grinding include corundum, silicon-carbide resin bonding wheels, or corundum ceramic bonding wheels that have large porosity. These types of wheels help facilitate the grinding process for copper materials by allowing efficient removal of material and preventing clogging.
Back Grinding Wheel for Surface Grinding
Aug 23, 2023
Back Grinding Wheel for Surface Grinding Customer Case Analysis
In the semiconductor industry, the grinding accuracy of Japanese equipment is pretty good at present, and there are grinding processes combining free and consolidation, as well as pure consolidation processes. Manufacturers who can usually afford Japanese equipment generally use pure consolidation preparation processes. The top three Japanese semiconductor precision processing equipment are: Disico, Tokyo Precision, and SHUWA. SHUWA is widely used in the field of sapphire with high precision.
Summary steel materials
Aug 21, 2023
Summary of Common Symbols of Steel Materials
American Standard AISI German Standard DIN Japanese Standard JIS
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