diamond grinding wheels used to grind glass stoppers of whisky crystal bottles
Feb 24, 2023
Diamond grinding wheels for glass stoppers of whiskey crystal bottles grinding
The customer service department of Moresuperhard recently received continuous feedback from customers about diamond grinding wheels used to grind glass stoppers of whisky crystal bottles.
polishing pad
Feb 15, 2023
Grinding Comparison of free and fixed Abrasive Diamond
Grinding is a process method of micro-processing. With the help of grinding tool and abrasive (a kind of free abrasive), grinding produces relative motion between the machined surface of the workpiece and the grinding tool, and applies certain pressure to remove the tiny surface convex layer from the workpiece, so as to obtain very low surface roughness and high dimensional accuracy, geometric shape accuracy, etc. In mold manufacturing, In particular, precision die-casting moulds, plastic moulds and automobile covering moulds with high requirements for product appearance quality are widely used.
resin diamond grinding wheels
Feb 09, 2023
New Zealand Customer: Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel for Polishing Carbide Surface Coating
Recently, Moresuperhard has received feedbacks from customers in New Zealand on the use of our Resin Diamond Grinding Wheels for Polishing Carbide Surface Coating.  We are very grateful for his feedback!
Looking forward to more feedback from our customers!
EWAG Compact Line
Feb 07, 2023
Moresuperhard Vitrified Diamond Wheels for PCD Peripheral Grinding With EWAG Compact Line
Vitrified Diamond Wheels Application Case of EWAG Compact Line: equipped with 6-axes. It can be used for the production of indexable inserts such as cutters, milling tools, turning tools and forming inserts. This model supports a wide range of clamping systems and can be retrofitted via a plug-and-play interface, offering full freedom in your tool, order and lot selection. Thanks to the minimal setup time, even very small batches can be produced economically.
Jan 29, 2023
Anca TX7+ Customer Using Experience Sharing: Moresuperhard Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheels for Convex Mold
Production Details:
Grinding wheels: vitrified CBN grinding wheels
Size: 1Q1-D:150-T:30-W:13-X:6-R:13
Workpiece:Convex mold
Material: HSS, SKD11,SKH51.
diamond bandsaw blades
Jan 13, 2023
Precautions When Using Diamond Band Saw Blades
Moresuperhard diamond band saw blade is widely used for cutting semiconductor materials, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, silicon ingot, stone, graphite, ceramics, crystal, gem jade, glass, metal and other hard materials.
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