Motorized spindle
Oct 12, 2023
Brief Introduction of European Famous Brand Motorized Spindle
Electrical spindle is in the field of CNC machine tools will appear in the machine tool spindle and spindle motor into one of the new skills, electrical spindle it with linear motor skills, high-speed tooling skills together, high-speed machining for a new era.
lens grinding
Oct 05, 2023
Lens for Monocular Camera Aspherical shape processing method
In the age of digitalization, the image quality of photos has been greatly improved compared to the past, many photography enthusiasts seek to take photos that are closer to what they see with their own eyes. However, traditional spherical lenses alone can no longer make up for this, and therefore optical systems have developed lenses that combine spherical and aspherical lenses.
Lens mold grinding process for Lens mold grinding by glass molding method
Oct 04, 2023
Lens Mold Grinding Process for Monocular Lens by Glass Molding Method
The glass molding method does not process the lenses themselves, but rather the molds used in the production of the lenses. The materials used are Cemented Carbide and CVD-SiC, and the dimensional accuracy is strictly required.
Moresuperhard's Unique Participation in the 6th A&G EXPO in Zhengzhou
Oct 03, 2023
Moresuperhard's Unique Participation in the 6th A&G EXPO in Zhengzhou
The 6th A&G EXPO came to a perfect conclusion on September 22. As a superhard abrasive tool manufacturer, Moresuperhard company  also participated in this industry event.
Ceramic and Stainless Steel Femoral Heads
Sep 28, 2023
How to grinding the ceramic and stainless steel femoral head?
Grinding ceramic and stainless steel femoral heads requires specialized grinding techniques and equipment due to the hardness and brittleness of ceramics and the toughness of stainless steel.
Grinding Wheels for Walter  HELITRONIC POWER 400
Sep 12, 2023
 Moresuperhard Grinding Wheels for Walter HELITRONIC POWER 400
The tool grinding machine HELITRONIC POWER 400 with C.O.R.E.-Technology is powerful with maximum flexibility for medium to large series.
It stands for top quality worldwide in the production and resharpening of rotationally symmetrical tools. It grinds tools in the diameter range from 3 to 315 mm, a machining length up to 520 mm and a piece weight up to 50 kg.
NEW: The new, innovative LASER CONTOUR CHECK option offers an intelligent measuring system integrated directly into the tool grinding and eroding machine...
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