Do You Know What Is the Double Disc Grinding Machine And Its applications?

There are many forms of functional characteristics of double disk grinidng machine, whether it is from the efficiency, or precision, or quality, or the configuration of the double disk lapping machine, all of these can be reflected in the functional characteristics of the double disk vertical lapping machine equipment at a glance. Double Disc Grinding Machine Equipment Application Areas in Detail Double Disc Two Face Grinding Machine Application Areas are suitable for batch grinding of double flat surfaces of parts.

                                            double disc grinding machine

Double end grinding machine equipment is suitable for: 
hydraulic pneumatic components . Hydraulic motor components . Automobile steering pump parts. Oil pump nozzle parts. Refrigeration compressor parts. Engine parts. High precision bearings. Automobile Parts. Seals. Piston Rings. Measuring tools. Molds and dies. Seals. Piston rings. Gauge. Carbide blades. Ceramic spool, etc.

                        double disc grinding machine

Double disc grinding machine equipment applicable to the workpiece material: 
stainless steel material. High precision bearings. Stainless steel material. Powder metallurgy material. Carbide material. Ceramics. Cast iron. Aluminum. Monocrystalline silicon. Magnetic material etc.

Double end face grinding machine grinding machine tool equipment nine functional characteristics:
1. High-strength cast iron bed
2. High-precision spindle structure;
3. Upper arm free rotation
4. Three independently adjustable motors
5. Three-stage pressure pneumatic control
6.Online dimension measurement
7.Semi-automatic loading and unloading
8.CBN grinding wheel grinding
9. Man-machine interface control.

The operation steps and precautions of double-sided grinding and smoothing machine is a relatively good understanding of the technical content, the purpose of grinding has three aspects:
Aspect 1: Requirement of plane accuracy
Aspect 2: Parallel precision requirements
Aspect 3: Requirements for finish

The operation steps of the automatic double-sided grinding machine are as follows:
1. Clamp the sample block, pay attention to the symmetry of the two sides, close to the fixture;
2. Withdraw the two grinding heads so that the specimen will not hit the grinding wheel when the table moves;
3. Put on the protective cover and turn on the water switch;
4. Start the main power switch of the vertical double face grinding machine;
5. Start the grinding head button to make the grinding head rotate in the direction of the arrow, and never allow reversal;
6. Press the worktable button of the automatic double-sided grinding machine;
7. Exit the grinding head after grinding through the automatic double-sided smoothing machine equipment;
8. manually feed the grinding head, so that the grinding, need to be automatic when the handle can be pushed to the automatic position, the two grinding head were grinding; grinding will be pulled to the manual position of the handle, and then back and forth a few times to ensure that the specimen finish.

Precautions for fully automatic double-sided grinding machine:
1. The surface of the fixture and sample should be rinsed clean every time the workpiece of the automatic fine grinding machine is clamped, otherwise the residual material will make the specimen grinding precision decline, and the positioning should be accurate every time;
2. automatic grinding at any time can not be arbitrary manual feed, otherwise it will damage the grinding wheel and equipment, only when manual manual feed;
3. Automatic double-sided smoothing machine stops the worktable first and then the grinding head after the end of automatic grinding;
4. During the grinding process, attention should be paid to whether the coolant flow is sufficient or not, too little will speed up the damage of the diamond grinding wheel;
5. Diamond grinding wheel should not be knocked, otherwise it will affect the service life; new grinding wheel must be used before the use of ordinary corundum grinding wheel opening, grinding will be sharp.


As a company deeply engaged in the field of grinding, More  Super Hard  can meet your expectation of machining accuracy by meeting the most stringent tolerance requirements within the micron range according to customer's grinding needs in various fields, no matter what kind of materials the workpieces are made of.

The double disc grinding machine is specially designed for precision grinding of various kinds of large, medium and small-sized workpieces with high requirements for parallel accuracy, which fully meets the needs of users.

                           double disc grinding machine

In addition, we also have a dressing ring for diamond/CBN grinding discs, which is used for leveling the flatness of diamond/CBN grinding discs after the deformation of the surface and for sharpening the blunt edge of grinding discs in the process of using, so as to help you solve the grinding problem and the dressing problem at the same time.

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