Moresuperhard Grinding Wheels for Walter HELITRONIC POWER 400

The tool grinding machine HELITRONIC POWER 400 with C.O.R.E.-Technology is powerful with maximum flexibility for medium to large series.
It stands for top quality worldwide in the production and resharpening of rotationally symmetrical tools. It grinds tools in the diameter range from 3 to 315 mm, a machining length up to 520 mm and a piece weight up to 50 kg.
NEW: The new, innovative LASER CONTOUR CHECK option offers an intelligent measuring system integrated directly into the tool grinding and eroding machine...

 Moresuperhard's Grinding Wheels Used by this Customer for Walter Heliotropic power 400:

           Diamond Grinding Wheel for CNC ToolsDiamond Grinding Wheel for CNC Tools

           Diamond Grinding Wheel for CNC Tools

► Application: grinding carbide and HSS. (such as drill, end mill, reamer)
► A complete solution for CNC tools manufacturing: fluting, gashing and Clear edge, relief angle grinding, OD grinding
► Model: 1A1, 1V1, 11V9, 12V9, 14A1, 12V5, etc  (or full customed )
Grinding Wheels Models Specifications Grits
11V9 100-10-3-20 D64
12V9 125-10-3-20-45° D64
1V1 125-10-10-20-45° D64
1A1 125-12-6-20 D64
12A2 125-12-3-20-45° D64

Moresuperhard's grinding wheels are being employed by the customer for this specific machine. Grinding wheels are commonly used for abrasive cutting and shaping of various materials. The Walter Heliotropic Power 400 is a specific machine that utilizes these grinding wheels. Overall, the customer is utilizing Moresuperhard's grinding wheels in conjunction with the Walter Heliotropic Power 400 for their grinding needs.

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